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Customer Testimonials

Weed Man Lawn Care Kansas City North, MO relies on the success of its customers, which is why we care for your lawn as if it were our own. Read what other Kansas City North, MO Weed Man customers have to say about their experience with us and our services.

"If you are looking for quality professional care for your lawn, I recommend giving these guys a call. They have done my yard now for 5-6 years and I always get comments from friends and neighbors on how good my yard looks every year. Had my first application for the season applied yesterday."
- Todd O. - Weed Man Customer

"Weed Man has amazing customer service! Our yard has never looked so good!! We would strongly recommend them to anyone that wants a beautiful yard!"
- Sarah S. - Weed Man Customer

"I had a TruGreen rep knock on my door one day and told me that he had several people in my neighborhood tell him if he could make their lawns look like mine, they would sign up with him. He then asked me if I was a customer of theirs. I said "No, I have been with Weed Man for several years and am obviously happy with their service."
- William R. - Weed Man Customer

"Love these guys!"
- Patrick T. - Weed Man Customer

"My brother tells me every time he comes over that our lawn looks nicer than a football field.  It is nice to be able to look at the lawn and know your family has a nice place to play."
- Shelly Jo K. - Weed Man Customer

"Their service is second to none. They are extremely responsive and do everything they can to meet the needs of their customers"
- Josh M., - Weed Man Customer

"Weed Man has the best equiptment for the job! I am getting much better results with them than I did with Trugreen. I highly recommend."
- Josh L., - Weed Man Customer

"My husband struggled with getting the lawn treatment down on our lawn each year.  We would look at the lawn and think to ourselves how much better it could look (more like our neighbors).  So I asked our neighbor what his secret was and he said Weed Man."
- Weed Man Customer

"We called Weed Man the very next day.  Dennis McKee came out and gave us an estimate to take care of our lawn for the year, also discussed how it would improve the yard.  As we looked over the estimate, we compared it to what we were paying to buy the materials ourselves.  The cost was about the same and with Weed Man, all the work was done for us and at the right time."
- Weed Man Customer

"We have been customers of Weed man for several years now.  I don't know how we ever did it without him.  Dennis is always willing to give advice on what needs to be done to make the lawn nice and healthy.  He not only offers the basic services but others as well, such as aeration and seeding."
- Weed Man Customer

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